Leo Birthstone


  • What Is Leo Birthstone? – Leo Birthstone is Peridot
  • What is Leo birth flower name? Leo birth flower is Gladiolus
  • Leo Sign Dates: July 23 to August 22
  • What are the planets for Leo Birthstone? – Leo Birthstone planet is: Earth & Sun (Of course, the sun is not a planet)
  • Fixed stars associated with Leo Birthstone: Tail of the Great Bear 8° of Scorpio;also the Pole Star
  • Leo Birthstone Element: Fire
  • Leo Birthstone dreaming of: Long life.
  • Leo Birthstone motto or express a sentiment: Charity
  • Leo Birthstone country: Sandwich Islands
  • Alternative birthstones for Leo: Aventurine, Beryl, bulls eye, heliodor, heliotrope, hyacinth, pomegranate, demantoid, emerald, gold quartz, flint, jade, onyx, opal, rhodonite, ruby, onyx, carnelian, topaz, chrysoprase, beryl , crystal, zircon, citrine, amber, jasper.


Leo.—The general result of Leo’s energies we term Religion; its trend is toward unity and spiritual harmony. Hence, in result, it may become the highest of all the functions.

The region is most directly in sympathy with the spiritual Sun, but its planetary and bodily influences are generally accredited to the Solar Center.


Leo. —The chord of Leo is Virgo, the region of familism, and it is evident that what familism is to kin relationships, the religious energies and unity ought to be to the race and the grander spiritual familism.

The first response of Leo is Gemini of the formal, and the second is Libra of the dynamic, regions. Thus religion responds to culture on the one hand and to rulership on the other.

The color force of Leo sympathizes with the primary yellow, its energy effect in its higher forms of purity and clearness is unifying, in its lower forms is simply to ripen and mature.

The sympathetic body to Leo energy is the primary Sun, and its period of force from July 23d to August 22d; the Sun is then in Leo, the Earth in her own home, Aquarius.


Leo Birthstone. Credits to Maicos @ Flickr

Leo— July22d — August22d. Religion; Yellow; Unifying.

This nature is that of mental harmony; warm, sunny and genial; often endowed with great vitality and force that is used in persuasion and in corrective lines.

The dominant elements of this nature are faith and confidence. In business urgent rather than aggressive, aspiring to power through eloquence and vigor. This nature is seldom constructive. It takes things and ideas as they are found, it supports with fervor the «powers that be». It is conservative and yet responds in mental activity to Gemini in the field of culture, and to Libra in that of rulership, clinging more closely to the latter, and using its static capacity to perpetuate and endorse social as well as personal conservatism.
This nature matures late, it sweeps over broad fields of feeling, interest and endorsement is seldom selfish in matters of wealth, but always in matters of opinion; «Let me lead !» —a motto often seen in action.
As a whole, the activity should be mixed mental and muscular exertion, avoiding extremes of length in either, and cultivating calmness and a sense of dynamic values.

The Moon in Aries of the Leo mentality is a force of idealism, spontaneity, courage in opinion, but loving form and ceremony and deep distinctions in personal conduct as well as in religious beliefs.

The added activity is often an excess; there is apt to be stubbornness and extreme rigidity of demand. There is often a life conflict in the realm of philosophy, a conflict in which religion and science—the course of doctrine and the laws of nature—seem to antagonize, and, in unyielding contest, leave the aspirations in turmoil and uncertainty.

The vocation should be professional, the element of management dominant, with close relations to human social advancement. The heart and lungs are usually powerful, the veinous system hardly adequate, the digestive organs well governed, but the brain and nervous system oversensitive.

The Leo nature with Moon in Taurus is always inclined to influence the world in the direction of moral and social methods, and usually adapts one of the learned, often the scientific, professions—taking as a life-work their place among biologists, naturalists or physicians. In oratory there is often expressive power, and elegance in sentiment and movement; at times there is a wide range of imaginative power, but usually of an egotistic quality—maintaining self as the center of all plans of activity.
This regional influence of the Moon is one that adds an ambition for culture and high attainments, to the vigor and spontaneity of mental and physical habit of the base—Leo.

But Gemini is always a general influence rather than a specific one, and hence Leo has a wide choice of life-work, but lacks in direct and distinct desires, as thus influenced by the Moon. There is an intense element of personal freedom and personal method—a desire to be orderly in its own way—and to have others accept that order as absolute.

The Moon in Cancer is too much in sympathy, too near a combination with Leo to give really good results, and requires powerful planetary relations to give the mentality and body the relative amount of will and dynamic energy necessary to a complete and powerful character.

Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Sagittarius, or Venus in Libra would give the added energy required.
There is in this combination an over-abundance of the social nature, but a weakened tenacity, and Leo is not exact enough; the mind is inclined to be general in habit of thought, idealistic, imaginative, and dreamy.

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