Scorpio Birthstone


  • What Is Scorpio Birthstone? – Scorpio Birthstone is Topaz & Citrine
  • What is Scorpio Birth flower name? Scorpio Birth flower is Chrysanthemum
  • Scorpio Sign Dates: October 23d to November 21st
  • What are the planets for Scorpio Birthstone? – Scorpio Birthstone planet is: Mars & Asteroids
  • Fixed stars associated with Scorpio Birthstone: Eight and left wing of Raven 8° of Libra.
  • Scorpio Birthstone Element: Water
  • Scorpio Birthstone dreaming of: No harm shall befall
  • Scorpio Birthstone  motto or express a sentiment: Faith
  • Scorpio Birthstone country: Thailand
  • Alternative birthstones for Scorpio: agate, adularia, aquamarine, alexandrite, amazonite, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, jet, hematite, garnet, smoky and dark opaque quartz, coral, cat’s eye, Labradorite, malachite, morion, opal, ruby , sapphire, selenite, carnelian, serpentine, topaz, tourmaline, chrysoprase, jasper.


Scorpio.—Scorpio is the region of Coaction, or Labor. Its forces trend toward transmutation, justice and liberty. It has dynamic force of a constructive order.

The asteroids are in general sympathy with this sign. Some astrologers attribute to the region Mars influences, but this does not seem to us to be true. It is more in sympathy with Venus and Uranus than with Mars. We give the region the sympathy of the asteroids.

The region of Scorpio is the 30° from 211° to 240°; of heliocentric longitude, and its R. A. the 15th and 16th hours.


Scorpio.—The chord of Scorpio is Capricorn, the sign of impulsion and mobile commercial function. As noted under Cancer and Taurus those signs are its responses. Taurus arouses a judgment of integrity and justice in Scorpio, and Cancer, when strongly endowed, trends to marriage and family life.

The color sympathy of Scorpio is the tertiary scarlet. The orange of Cancer and maroon of Capricorn are secondaries. The energies of Scorpio are in their general results exciting to muscularity, executive mental attitudes, and to growth in the trunks of trees and the stems of plants.

The influence of this region is greatest from October 22d to November 21st; the Sun in Scorpio, the Earth in Taurus. Scorpio has no known planet as a sympathetic exponent, but at times accords with some of the asteroids, and with Venus of Cancer and Saturn of Capricorn (see mythology of Greek Cronus).


Scorpio Birthstone. Credits to Long Hair Broad @ Flickr

Scorpio.—Co-action; Labor; Scarlet; Ex-citing.

This nature, the most markedly dynamic of all natures, is severely earnest in the production of things to satisfy human requirements, and in the transmutation of energy in productive methods. It is the great perfecting mentality. This is an endowment of love of labor, activity, of intense interest in justice; intent on giving due reward for all benefits received, and on paying bounty for bounty; on returning element for element. There is skill given, in conserving inorganic forces to the use of mankind.

Scorpio responds to Cancer, hence this nature usually marries early in life, and, despite its presumed severity and ill-nature, almost always lives happily, so far as the marriage relations are concerned.

This nature responds also to Taurus, its solar pole in force, there- fore is in sympathy with, and has capacity for science, manufacturing, and the more materialistic side of human development and advancement. Therefore, a native of this sign is generally found interested in mechanical trades, as tradesmen, mechanics, and agriculturalists, or may often find a place in systems of transportation.

Scorpio chords with Capricorn, and in this, as above noted, comes the interest in railroad, telegraph and shipping industries when severely endowed, the planets in oppressive signs, there is an inclination to force others to do the Scorpio nature’s share of the work of the world, chiefly because it has sufficient directive power to make its employment in that direction necessary.

Scorpio, from the nature of the sign, has been much maligned and illy credited. This nature is one that demands freedom and will struggle for liberty. In so doing it has drawn upon itself the enmity and prejudice both of those in power and those seeking to control.

The supposed harshness of Scorpio is due to its sense of integrity, justice, and desire for freedom. In the days of military-power, of serfdom and monarchical slavery (still continued in other but less apparent forms) it was almost a crime to desire freedom and personal liberty. Astrologers were wont to find signs of reproof, and aspects by which those freedom elements could be condemned.

The Scorpio nature receives power and directive capacity from this lunar regional influence. The Moon is almost a «full moon» here, and the Earth itself is in the next sign, Taurus; for it must be remembered that the apparent location of the Sun determined the question, or rather the nomenclature, of the genesis sign.

The Moon here adds intellectuality, and formal capacity to the industry, forcefulness and perseverance of this mentality.

Parents should remember distinctly, in governing children of this endowment, that there is a vast difference between stubbornness and perseverance. The first is, generally, objectless resistance; the latter, generally, restless desire to accomplish.

This nature requires genial direction rather than angular repression.

The dominant influence of this region is in the direction of applied science, physics and mechanical power. In some instances it turns the cast of mental activities toward art expressions, inclines the thoughts into channels of illustrative activity and public work.

There is generally much determination to succeed by exercise of mental power, and to use the perceptive powers as an aid to ease, and short-paths in matters of energy-use or muscular exertion.

The mind is practical, capable of doing the best work possible in proportion to the quality of brain fibre possessed. In highly organized mentalities there is a marked desire to gain power and affluence as well as competence. The whole has dominating industry.

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