Aries Birthstone


  • What Is Aries Birthstone? – Aries Birthstone is Diamond
  • What is Aries Birth flower name? Aries Birth flower is Daisy
  • Aries Sign Dates: March 21 to April 19
  • What are the planets for Aries Birthstone? – Aries Birthstone planet is: Neptune, Uranus, Mars & Sun(Of course the Sun is not a planet)
  • Fixed stars associated with Aries Birthstone Diamond: Caput Algol 18° of Taurus.
  • Aries Birthstone Element: Fire
  • Aries Birthstone dreaming of: Much to look forward to.
  • Aries Birthstone  motto or express a sentiment: Good Luck
  • Aries Birthstone country: Holland
  • Alternative birthstones for Aries: amazonite, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, garnet, pearl, coral, quartz, flint, hematite, Labrador, lapis lazuli, jade, onyx, obsidian, rhodonite,ruby, onyx, selenite, carnelian, serpentine, falcon eye, chrysoprase, beryl, crystal, amber, green and red jasper.


The region of Aries includes the sign of 30 degrees from 0 to 30°, from the «First point of Aries», and is, in time, the first and second hour of R. A. This is also the point of the Vernal Equinox, where the Ecliptic crosses the equator.

The products of Aries may be defined by the general term Letters. The influences and forces of this region are essential to the dissemination of knowledge and ideas by language and speech; the preservation of ideas by printing, and the various methods of recording; and the extension of personal and national career.

The planet Neptune is in closest sympathy with the regional influences of Aries, and gives spirituality, refinement and elegance, as well as harmony, to the forces of that sign.


Aries.—This sign chords with Gemini, the region of Culture and receptivity, and thus we realize that Letters and Culture are very close chords in mentality.

Aries is the great retentive, and Gemini, its chord, the great receptive region.

The first response in force is to the accumulative region of will, Sagittarius; the latter sign aggregating wealth and ownership, while the former (Aries) accumulates knowledge, language, verbal expression and history.

In a less marked manner Aries responds to Virgo, the region of family and tribal forces, which gathers the elements of the race into families, groups and countries, establishing parental and filial love, and in the less personal form, patriotism.

The color sympathy of Aries is the primary blue. Its energies are relating in habit, as is observed in the function of memory and attention.

The period of power is from March 21st to April 19th, the Sun being in Aries, the Earth in Libra.


Aries Birthstone. Credits to Steven Depolo @ Flickr

Aries (the Ram), March 21—April 19th.— Letters; Blue; Relating.

This nature is distinguished by great retentiveness ; it has a wide grasp of the course of events, remembers personalities with remarkable ease, has generally a proportionately large amount of literary ability, and, perhaps more than any- thing else, is noted for its capacity to disseminate knowledge of a general and useful kind.

The Aries nature is the kind that makes the proficient teacher, particularly of languages, music, and of history. It generally has a good voice, a keen sensibility to music, and a wide range of expression. Few signs have a deeper insight into the inter-relations of ideas or the natural responsibilities of human life.

This nature responds to Sagittarius; thus it admires aggressiveness and wealth, or at least the presence of more than common comfort. It sympathizes with Virgo, and therefore is fond of home life. It chords most finely with Gemini. This last gives power to expression and intensity to friendship.

The Aries nature should marry a native of Gemini or one of its Solar polarity, Libra, as it often, if not always, needs both encouragement and governing suggestion.

It is truthfully said that Aries natures are governing natures and natural leaders, which is true to the extent that they are directive natures, and in regard to thought and mental impulse, but not true when they turn their attention to the commercial phases of life, as they lack the defensive and impulsive forces in full strength.

The Aries nature is subject to mental oppression, often lasting two or more days, due doubtless to unusual intensity of thought or action, the remedy being rest and enforced calmness.

This nature (unless well balanced by other planets in Aries) is not well endowed with regard to the social and generous side of the Aries nature.

The moon here gives Aries natures a disposition to quarrelsomeness, verbosity, and to misrepresentation in order to gain their own way. The moon here also gives added artistic skill, though not always practiced or put to the best use. It is wise to study and practice self-government, the judicious use of language, and to obey the better of life’s impulses.

With Jupiter or Mercury in Aries, the nature above outlined is greatly modified and made more frank and generous.

With Jupiter, Neptune or Mars in Aries (with the moon), the nature has the sarcastic, pessimistic, and the antagonistic elements dominant.

The moon in this region gives the Aries nature added brilliancy and imaginative power, independence in thought and action, and in all these directions is in sympathy with the forces of Jupiter and Mercury. The characteristic intellectuality of Aries, when well endowed, is intensified by the moon when in the Aries region.

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