Pisces Birthstone


  • What Is Pisces Birthstone? – Pisces Birthstone is Aquamarine or Bloodstone
  • What is Pisces Birth flower name? Pisces Birth flower is Narcissus
  • Pisces Sign Dates: February 19th to March 20th
  • What are the planets for Pisces Birthstone? – Pisces Birthstone planet is: Moon, Jupiter & Neptune
  • Fixed stars associated with Pisces Birthstone Diamond: The Pleiades 24° of Taurus.
  • Pisces Birthstone Element: Water
  • Pisces Birthstone dreaming of: New friends
  • Pisces Birthstone  motto or express a sentiment: Charity
  • Pisces Birthstone country: New Zealand
  • Alternative birthstones for Pisces: adularia, amazonite, amethyst, aquamarine, alexandrite, White Sea region, beryl, turquoise, jet, demantoid, pearl, coral, cacholong, lapis lazuli, Morion, jade, peridot, opal, sapphire, selenite , carnelian, falcon’s eye, tiger’s eye, chrysolite, chrysoprase, spinel, euclase.


Pisces.—The region of Perception and Art. The products of its forces are symbolism, perception of beauty, general sight, mechanical and organic ornamentation, and mechanical skill.

The region of Pisces stimulates, in a person of low organic quality, simply the capacity to see, and in a manner imitate skill and art. In a person of high organic quality it is the natural basis of artistic capacity, mathematical power, and mechanical and visual skill. The region of Pisces is the sympathetic and natural home of the Moon.

The Moon thus has greater power in awakening imagination, mental vision, and expressed emotions.

The region of Pisces is the angle of Heliocentric longitude from 331° to 360°; R. A. the 23d and 24th hours. On leaving Pisces, the next sign is Aries, and continues as before.


Pisces.—The chord of Pisces is Taurus its third above, and it is thus that «Art and Science go hand in hand», for art and skill prepare the technical instruments by which science measures; and the perceptives observe the phenomena upon which reflection founds the great sciences, for the observation of fact is the basis of science, of the discovery of law and new phenomena.

The forces of this region respond to those of Capricorn in the dynamic regions; thus art in its practical forms is closely allied to commerce. Aquarius, of the home region, is the second response of Pisces.

The color sympathy of Pisces is blue gray, and all Pisces’ forces are cooling. The period of greatest power is from February 19th to March 20th, the Sun in Pisces, the Earth in Virgo.


Pisces Birthstone. Credits to Long hair broad @ Flickr

Pisces. — (February 19th to March 20th) — Art; Gray; Cooling. This nature is the most capable, and finds natural ability in; particularly in those the arts arts that express symbolism, beauty, and the elements of form.

There is an aptitude in these, and in most of the mechanical trades. The perceptions are wide awake, remember clearly anything seen in which an interest is taken.

When other vocations are chosen, it is usually in the line of manual labor, or the lighter forms of trade.
This nature responds to Capricorn and is thus of great use to commerce, quick in accounting, retentive to forms and methods.

In its response to Aquarius it is interested in beautifying the home, in elegant surroundings, and its temperament is essentially calm in action. In its chord with science it finds its greatest pleasures, enjoying the artistic elements of nature. The Pisces mentality is disposed to have large vitality, and, if Venus is in the region of Aquarius, it gives this nature intense affections.

The planets influence this mentality more specifically than than they do any other. Pisces natures should marry a native of Taurus, or of Pisces’ solar polarity, Virgo.

The Pisces artistic and mechanical nature is intensified by the lunar influence in Aries; this latter combination also gives Pisces mentalities more directive capacity, more force in direction of application and in line of practical results.

To a highly endowed personality the Moon in this region gives literary tastes, expression in verbal directions, and great mathematical memory.

It is found that this influence gives more tenderness and constancy to the affections, and increases the love of home life.

To Pisces, the Moon in Taurus adds love of science and of exactness. There is often deep interest in higher mechanics and in mathematics; it leads to study of architecture, building, construction work, and, when opportunities are wanting in these, to the manual branches.

Civil engineers, mechanical engineers, draughtsmen, and analytical chemists, are very often thus endowed.
The faculties of marriage are made more spiritual and romantic. There is an added interest in the progressive side of life by this regional influence.

The Lunar-Gemini influence on the Pisces mentality is one that leads to artistic elegance, verbal descriptiveness, and a tendency toward extreme sociability.

There are forces that demand artistic expression in movement more directly than in lines of illustration. But the mental capacity often runs in both, with elocutionary power added.

A technical education is always best for persons of this endowment, and in the lines of trade and commercial work. If inclined to portraiture, landscape painting, or to caricature, they are liable to financial failure, and to become improvident. With Venus and Jupiter in the same sign, or in Pisces, this latter tendency is much modified.

The energy playing upon Pisces from this aroused region is beneficial in the direction of home matters; it gives constancy and tenderness to the affections.

In the field of action it inclines to outdoor exertion, to agriculture, floriculture, to stock raising. The reflective nature is synthetic; it judges by generalities, dislikes consecutive examination and persistent study of a single phase. There is not, then, the capacity for scientific research, nor for prolonged educational study.

The endowment necessitates a careful attention to regularity in work, and an effort to avoid all waste of time and energy.

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