Aquarius Birthstone


  • What Is Aquarius Birth stone? – Aquarius Birthstone is Amethyst
  • What is Aquarius Birth flower name? Aquarius Birth flowers is Violet
  • Aquarius Sign Dates: January 19th to February 18th
  • What are the planets for Aquarius Birthstone? – Aquarius Birthstone planet is: Uranus & Saturn
  • Fixed stars associated with Aquarius Birthstone Diamond: Scorpion 3° of Sagittarius
  • Aquarius Birthstone Element: Air
  • Aquarius Birthstone dreaming of: Freedom from harm
  • Aquarius Birthstone  motto or express a sentiment: Faith
  • Aquarius Birthstone country: Uruguay
  • Alternative birthstones for Aquarius: agate, aquamarine, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, hyacinth, pomegranate, demantoid, pearl, emerald, rose quartz, flint, coral, lapis lazuli, jade, obsidian, opal, sapphire, onyx, carnelian, Hawk eye, uvarovite, fluorite, chrysoprase, crystal, citrine, jasper.

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Aquarius. —The region of home and Sensation. Its forces give sensibility to taste, smell, touch, psychometric sensitiveness (properly physico-metric sensitiveness), and nutritive power.

The Earth itself is in closest sympathy with the forces of this region, and in this is found the capacity and sympathy of the so-called physical senses.

From Aquarius (a Static Sign) the next sign is Pisces in the formal region.
The region of Aquarius is the angle from 301° to 330°; R. A. the 21st and 2 2d hours.

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Aquarius.—The chord of Aquarius is Cancer.

The great sympathy between the energies of the principal and those of its chord is noted in the fact that in the lower forms of life, and in the lowest grades of mentality, the forces of Aquarius are the dominant elements in the preservation of the species—so considered.

The color-sympathy of Aquarius is the tertiary salmon The dominant general direction of its forces are nutrifying, and, secondarily, those of receptive sensibility.

The period of greatest power is from January 19th to February 18th; the Sun in Aquarius, the Earth in Leo, the static pole of Aquarius.

The planet Uranus is in greatest sympathy with this sign, and his ill-influences are largely attributed to his sensitiveness and trend toward sense-intemperance.


Aquarius Birthstone. Credits to Long Hair Broad @ Flickr

Aquarius. — (January 19th to February 18th) — Home; Salmon; Nutrifying.

This nature is dominant in taste, sensitiveness, impression, and in all that appertains to the congeniality of the home and its comforts. It is often strongly endowed with the acute perception of Pisces and the deep religious nature of Leo, both of which are responses to Aquarius.

The mental chord of Aquarius is Cancer, and by this is added much of the deep devotion of the marriage faculties.
There is a wide range of social functions, and, under a natural form of government, the capacity for economic management natural to this endowment could be exercised with great benefit to society, as well as to the home life of the person so endowed.

This mentality is sensitive to the wide range of desires arising from the impressible mental faculties, and easily understands the wants of others.

In many ways this nature is adapted to minor business pursuits, but it seldom has enough of the Sagittarius and Capricorn forces to be able to master great financial plans, or to organize massive industrial bodies.

This nature inclines in marriage toward its solar polarity, Leo, and, in a less degree, toward a mate from the realm of its formal response, Pisces.

This regional influence of the Moon is one of intellectuality in the Aquarius nature, but essentially practical. It increases the verbal capacity,of the person so endowed, and adds love of music, rhythm, and poetry. It gives intense application, as well as intense attention to all that the mentality is interested in.

Very often there is an endowment of delicate psychometric power, and also keen intuitions. The senses of touch and smell are extremely acute, and nutritive capacity good.

Generally this nature takes home life in a matter-of-fact way, enjoys social surroundings, likes to take part in all neighborhood activities; is seldom inclined toward a confining and severe profession, choosing rather a business life or a trade as a source of income.

This combination of Solar-Lunar-Earth forces is the most intensely sensitive of all endowments, and while generally very strongly endowed vitally, is yet often very negative mentally and nervously, with extreme sensitiveness to surrounding conditions easily impressed by the nerve auras of others, and by geologic and mineral energies.

This nativity is interested in mining and in floriculture, seems to understand nature with great ease and little study.
When too negative to act in financial matters with ease, there is a tendency toward pessimistic reserve, or, on the other hand, to clairvoyance and mediumistic professions. There is need of positiveness and determination.

This endowment gives grace, ease, and tenderness. There is a volume of genial imagination, with a disposition to over-laudation in praise of friends, and in attention to children. The mentality has much of the mimetic capacity, and, with large amiability, finds pleasure in the theatrical profession.

When Venus is found in Aries, there is generally vocal power, and musical capacity.

With Mercury in Capricorn, the tendency is toward employment where the «Light fantastic toe» has a plea for activity.
In home life this nature is genial, affectionate, but not as constant as might be desired.

The Moon’s influence in Cancer of the Aquarius nature is one that intensifies Aquarius, gives imaginative bearing to all efforts, leads to an economical habit, and to more constancy. But it does not widen the general range of ambitions, nor stimulate the mentality toward higher attainments than those which accompany the idea of necessity.

This influence, therefore, needs the support of powerful beneficial planets in both the intellectual regions and in the upper will regions, as Jupiter in Libra, or, in the first instance, Venus in Aries; Venus in Gemini or in Pisces. These would give a balance of power that would be highly beneficial.

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