Cancer Birthstone


  • What Is Cancer Birthstone? – Cancer Birthstone is Ruby
  • What is Cancer Birth flower name? Cancer Birth flowers is Delphinium
  • Cancer Sign Dates: June 21 to July 22
  • What are the planets for Cancer Birthstone? – Cancer Birthstone planet is: Mars, Venus, Moon & Jupiter
  • Fixed stars associated with Cancer Birthstone: Aldebaran 3° of Gemini; also the Hyades.
  • Cancer Birthstone Element: Water
  • Cancer Birthstone dreaming of: Unexpected guests.
  • Cancer Birthstone motto or express a sentiment: Forever
  • Cancer Birthstone country: Burma
  • Alternative birthstones for Cancer: agate, aventurine, adularia, aquamarine, amazonite, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, jet, heliotrope, hematite, pearl, emerald, coral, cat’s eye, moonstones, Morion, jade, obsidian, onyx , opal, rhodonite, ruby , roster, carnelian, falcon’s eye, topaz, chrysoprase, beryl, euclase.


Cancer.—The result of Cancer energies is Marriage—devotion, mating and sexuality.

The planet Venus is in closest sympathy both in force and symbolism, with the forces of this region.

The longitude is the fourth angle of 30 degrees (91 to 120 ): the R. A. the 7th and 8th hours. At its first point is the Summer Solstice.


Cancer.—Its chord is Aquarius, the region of sense forces, impression and lower conjugal love. As the senses and lower affectional forces are the incentives to mating in the less advanced stages or forms of life, so the energies of cancer are the expression of and incentive to the higher forms of sex mating. The Will response of Cancer is Scorpio, and secondarily, with Taurus, as its harmonious formal energy.

The color quality of Cancer energy is the secondary orange. The nature of its energy is animating.

The planet most closely in sympathy with Cancer is Venus, and as neither of its responses (Scorpio or Taurus) are endowed with powerful planets, Venus receives responsive energy from both these signs, adding to her power unusual clearness, brilliancy and force. The period of power is from June 21st to July 22d, the Sun in Cancer, the Earth in Capricorn.


Cancer Birthstone

Cancer Birthstone. Credits to Ken Skistz @ Flickr

Cancer.—June 21st to July 22d. Marriage; Orange; Animating.

This nature is dominant in devotion and in family life, in strong and intense sexuality; is ardent as husband or wife. Responding to the region of Scorpio (or Co-action in Mentality), this nature is fond of work and of activity in the productive pursuits. It desires to fulfill its own measure of responsibility, to accomplish all the good possible to its strength and mental capacity.

This nature is cautious in outlays, but often discreetly generous, always just, when finely endowed with power, and particularly when Mars is found in Capricorn, the Earth’s place in this period of time.

This nativity responds to Taurus, and has much of the delicate intuitions of that region; often marries the Taurus nativity, and almost as often that of Aquarius—a mental cord. For financial success, unity with Capricorn is most favorable.

As Cancer is sensitive to nervous conditions, due regard for this fact should be taken into consideration. Children and youth must be equitably governed, information of value in relation to their physical nature should be given, and care taken that their lives be made to run in useful and enjoyable paths, avoiding extremes or excess in any injurious direction. Self-government can thus be made the basis of their thought and activities.

The influence of the Moon in the Aries region of the Cancer nature

is very marked, but not as beneficial as one would like. There are present many elements of imaginative ambition ; there are desires of great personal advancement without sufficient tenacity of purpose and concentration to gain the end sought.

The wilfulness is spasmodic, quickly changed; it is lacking in consecutiveness as well as in judicial power. This mentality should, therefore, seek the combination of dignity and stability with their natural energy and intrinsic power.

This regional influence of the Moon inTaurus, of the Cancer nativity, gives a strong inclination to constructive professions, and love of the mechanical arts, of reflective studies, of descriptive and technical elegance.

The strong forces aroused are the reasoning and reproductive energies; the elements of regularity in habit, forceful expression, splendid digestive power, and moderate lung capacity, making a combination that varies greatly in its working ability, and that needs «humoring» to a marked extent.

This nature is sensitive to the nerve forces of others. It lacks aggressive power, or, at least, defence. The childhood should be ruled by mature judgment, counsel, kindness, and frank information on all subjects in which an interest is aroused.

The combination of periodicity of habit and deep emotions, close friendships and intense devotion, love of children and of life, an interest in all that is beautiful, spiritual and ennobling, is present here.

But there is in this nativity a sensitiveness that needs protecting, protection by the developing of firmness, self-reliance, and by due recognition of the necessities of the age in which we live. This nature must grow self-reliant, forceful, powerful, productive and cautious.

The Moon in Cancer gives that sign a bright, active habit. It is generally synthetic, dislikes long analytical tasks, prefers matters of common and general interest, and often fails because of a trend toward inexactness. This nativity should cultivate attentiveness to details, should govern the affectional and emotive elements of its nature, should study economics and commercial laws, and take time to thoroughly organize its plans and work, as well as range of ideas.

There is apt to be vague conceptions of deep subjects, and a disposition to shun them because of the study required in their mastery.

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