Capricorn Birthstone


  • What Is Capricorn Birthstone? – Capricorn Birthstone is Garnet
  • What is Capricorn Birth flower name? Capricorn Birth flower is Carnation
  • Capricorn Sign Dates: December 22 to January 19
  • What are the planets for Capricorn Birthstone? – Capricorn Birthstone planet is: Saturn or Mars
  • Fixed stars associated with Capricorn Birthstone Diamond: Heart of Lion 23° of Leo.
  • Capricorn Birthstone Element: Earth
  • Capricorn Birthstone dreaming of: The solution of a mystery
  • Capricorn Birthstone  motto or express a sentiment: Regard
  • Capricorn Birthstone country: Bohemia (Czech Republic)
  • Alternative birthstones for Capricorn: agate, alexandrite, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, jet, garnet, cat’s eye, flint, coral, malachite, Morion, jade, obsidian, peridot, opal, onyx, rauch topaz, ruby, selenite, carnelian, falcon’s eye, tiger’s eye, tourmaline, chrysoprase, zircon, jasper.


Capricorn.—The region of Commerce. Its forces trend toward dissemination of product; toward love of power; destructiveness and of locomotion. It is distinctly impelling, and, when angered, repelling.

Capricorn is the home of Saturn, with which region he sympathizes most and has greatest power.

Symbolically the Greek god, Cronus, and the Roman Saturnus, were both distinctly gods of commerce, of the interchange of wealth, the severest forms of government, and likewise notably interested in agriculture.

The region of Capricorn is the 30° of Heliocentric longitude from 271° to 300°: R. A. the 19th and 20th hours.


Capricorn.—The chord of Capricorn is Scorpio, as noted under that sign, and thus is closely related the energies of industry and coaction, with those of commerce and mobility, locomotion and impulsion.

The first response is Pisces, giving direction in detail and artistic skill. The second response is Aquarius, supporting in volume of nutriment and sense capacity. The ruby stone is the best for Capricorn birth stone you can check the

Ruby stone from here gemfame

The color-force of Capricorn is the secondary deep maroon, corresponding to the color-energies of the ultra-red of the spectrum. The general tendency of its (Capricorn) forces are impelling, moving, and in the vegetable kingdom the trend is directly toward disintegration; and, where life-forces are low in power, toward decay.

The period of greatest power is from December 21st to January 1 8th; the Sun in Capricorn, the Earth in Cancer.
The planet Saturn is in greatest sympathy with the energies of Capricorn.


Capricorn.—(December 21st to January 19th)— Commerce ; Maroon ; Moving.

This mentality has a wide field of action and is disposed to take care of its own interests, to accept all kinds of commissions (as a factor) from others, and when acting as an agent is always capable, exact and quick.

The commercial instincts of this nature are essentially those of movement and travel, of desire for wide and great acquaintanceship.

This mentality has great reserve power; it seldom demonstrates its full capacity; it often lacks pride and ambition, and when that is the case is satisfied to do a normal amount of work for a moderate remuneration.
When highly endowed it is full of fire and force; when attacked

is destructive and revengeful; when badgered is sarcastic, severe, and rigid in judgment.

This nature responds to Pisces, and, hence, can use the arts to great practical purpose; is often very able at mathematics, at accounting, and at recording. It can frequently succeed at civil engineering and in the management of motive power.

When the nature is feminine it trends toward the other response, Aquarius, and glories in the home and its management, and in minimizing the waste of energy, while, on the other hand, it makes every effort count.

In marriage this personality usually weds a nature dominated by Aquarius forces, or by those of its solar polarity, Cancer. It is seldom unhappy in marriage.

Capricorn, with Moon in Aries, has the influence of Capricorn’s commercial capacity and directive energies, combined with the formulating powers of Aries, and the direct scheming and imaginative forces derived from the Moon in its own energies.

The result is an endowment of managing power, a wide grasp of necessary demands, and a controlling influence over others that is absolutely necessary to large enterprises and the execution of all heavy working plans.

True, the natural tendency is to omit the personal attention to details, not because details are unnecessary, but for the reason that persons of this endowment find it cheaper to get others to do the details than to do them themselves.

Capricorn is a defensive, executive nature, and here has the power to plan its processes of gain and commercial advantage.

The Moon in Taurus of Capricorn is an influence bending toward executive exactness and science in commerce. This mentality will often lead to engineering, railroading, naval and marine construction; to the commercial arts and sciences; and in a wide range of applied physics will find an enjoyable field of labor.

There are imaginative forces enough for the practical business life; tenderness enough to make home enjoyable; and vigor enough to urge the completion of financial and mechanical plans.

Sometimes, as may be seen by planetary endowments, there will be destructive and antagonistic forces in excess. These should be governed by the Intellect, and brought into useful submission.

The Moon here intensifies the marriage forces and the devotional tenderness of Capricorn. It also arouses a strong love for home comforts, and for the exercise of caution in making provision for any financial setback that may befall the head of the household.

It does not intensify the economic faculties as much as it does the general cautionary nature; but the result is indirectly the same.

The spirituality of the nature is enlarged and made more sensitive, the expression more graceful and congenial, while there is an attitude of calmer deliberation in all this person does, than would be the case with the Moon in more dynamic regions.

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