Pisces Birthstone

PISCES BIRTHSTONE FAQ: What Is Pisces Birthstone? – Pisces Birthstone is Aquamarine or Bloodstone What is Pisces Birth flower name? Pisces Birth flower is Narcissus Pisces Sign Dates: February 19th to March 20th What are the planets for Pisces Birthstone? – Pisces Birthstone planet is: Moon, Jupiter & Neptune Fixed stars associated with Pisces Birthstone Diamond: The Pleiades 24° … Continue reading

Aquarius Birthstone

AQUARIUS BIRTHSTONE FAQ: What Is Aquarius Birth stone? – Aquarius Birthstone is Amethyst What is Aquarius Birth flower name? Aquarius Birth flowers is Violet Aquarius Sign Dates: January 19th to February 18th What are the planets for Aquarius Birthstone? – Aquarius Birthstone planet is: Uranus & Saturn Fixed stars associated with Aquarius Birthstone … Continue reading

Capricorn Birthstone

CAPRICORN BIRTHSTONE FAQ: What Is Capricorn Birthstone? – Capricorn Birthstone is Garnet What is Capricorn Birth flower name? Capricorn Birth flower is Carnation Capricorn Sign Dates: December 22 to January 19 What are the planets for Capricorn Birthstone? – Capricorn Birthstone planet is: Saturn or Mars Fixed stars associated with Capricorn Birthstone Diamond: Heart of … Continue reading

Sagittarius Birthstone

SAGITTARIUS BIRTHSTONE FAQ: What Is Sagittarius Birthstone? – Sagittarius Birthstone is Tanzanite and also Zircon & Turquoise What is Sagittarius Birth flower name? Sagittarius Birth flower is Holly Sagittarius Sign Dates: November 22d to December 21t What are the planets for Sagittarius Birthstone? – Sagittarius Birthstone planet is: Mars & Jupiter Fixed stars associated with Sagittarius Birthstone … Continue reading

Scorpio Birthstone

SCORPIO BIRTHSTONE FAQ: What Is Scorpio Birthstone? – Scorpio Birthstone is Topaz & Citrine What is Scorpio Birth flower name? Scorpio Birth flower is Chrysanthemum Scorpio Sign Dates: October 23d to November 21st What are the planets for Scorpio Birthstone? – Scorpio Birthstone planet is: Mars & Asteroids Fixed stars associated with Scorpio Birthstone: Eight and left wing of Raven … Continue reading

Virgo Birthstone

VIRGO BIRTHSTONE FAQ: What Is Virgo BirthstonVirgo Birthstonee? – Virgo Birthstone is Sapphire What is Virgo Birth flower name? Virgo Birth flower is Aster Virgo Sign Dates: August 23d to September 21st What are the planets for Virgo Birthstone? – Virgo Birthstone planet is: Venus, Uranus & Mercury Fixed stars associated … Continue reading

Leo Birthstone

LEO BIRTHSTONE FAQ: What Is Leo Birthstone? – Leo Birthstone is Peridot What is Leo birth flower name? Leo birth flower is Gladiolus Leo Sign Dates: July 23 to August 22 What are the planets for Leo Birthstone? – Leo Birthstone planet is: Earth & Sun (Of course, the sun is … Continue reading

Cancer Birthstone

CANCER BIRTHSTONE FAQ: What Is Cancer Birthstone? – Cancer Birthstone is Ruby What is Cancer Birth flower name? Cancer Birth flowers is Delphinium Cancer Sign Dates: June 21 to July 22 What are the planets for Cancer Birthstone? – Cancer Birthstone planet is: Mars, Venus, Moon & Jupiter Fixed stars associated with Cancer … Continue reading

Gemini Birthstone

GEMINI BIRTHSTONE FAQ: What Is Gemini Birthstone? – Gemini Birthstone is Alexandrite, Pearls, Moonstone What is Gemini Birth flower name? Gemini Birth flower is Rose Gemini Sign Dates: May 21 to June 20 What are the planets for Gemini Birthstone? – Gemini Birthstone planet is: Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus Fixed stars associated with Gemini … Continue reading

Taurus Birthstone

TAURUS BIRTHSTONE FAQ: What Is Taurus Birthstone? – Taurus Birthstone is Emerald What is Taurus Birth flower name? Taurus Birth flower Lily Of The Valley Taurus Sign Dates: April 20 to May 20 What are the planets for Taurus Birthstone? – Taurus Birthstone planet is: Venus, Saturn, Moon Fixed stars associated with Taurus Birthstone Emerald: Spica Virginis … Continue reading