Sample Love Letter

These love letters are amazing! These words are what I have wanted to say in my present or past relationships but I just didnt know how to say them. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of reading them. They are truely something amazing.

Erica McIntyre

I used one of your letters and me and my boyfriend are doing so much better. You see I knew what I wanted to say, but I didnt know how to put it on paper. When I read the letter, it felt like Jesus came down from heaven just so he can give my the letter. Thank you very much. You made him realize he is my everything. I couldn’t of done it without you.

Monique Whitfield

I have always been able to write easily – except to my beloved. I would sit for hours with my pen poised above the stationary, unsure how to express my feelings in a way that would be special enough for him. Somehow, simply saying “I love you” wasn’t enough. Your love letters gave me the courage to tell him how I truly feel, and I have never been happier.
Letter two brought our relationship to a whole new level, and he was bowled over by letter four. Now he calls me “Darling Darla,” and we are engaged! I am on cloud nine, and your letters made it happen. Thank you so much!


These letters are a great idea. I used the letters to help put my feelings into words, My thoughts onto black and white. I know what I wanted to say and how I felt, I just had no idea where or how to begin. The letters leave an open field for you to modify those special memories to make it your very own special and unique gift. I came across this website by accident (if you believe in accidents). has helped me to write more and to be more creative with my writings.

Missy Turkington
Nathalie, VA

Romantic Love Letters One After The Other

Imagine being able to whip up a hot love letter in minutes.

It’s soooo easy. Simply fill in the blanks and presto!!

No more buying stale romance cards.

And nothing makes a bigger impression then handing a personal, romantic, light their fires love letter over to your lover.

And now you can.

  • Want to tell a lover how much they mean to you and get the sparks flying? Check out the “Passion Letter” and simply fill in the blanks
  • Have a crush, and want to send them a jaw dropping “make them want you” love sentiment? Simply use the “Secret Admirer Letter”
  • Need to win a lover back quickly? Just fill in the blanks and send them the “I Want You Back Letter”
  • Do you want to tell your online lover how much they mean to you? Use the “Internet Lover Letter” and tell them passionately
  • Need to add ZING to your relationship? Fill out and hand over the “Rekindle Letter”
  • Access to our huge library of professionally writen hardcore romantic love letters For Every Situation!aa

Love Letters Regardless Of Talent

I don’t care if you can’t write to save your life, or think romance only lives in the movies…

You CAN write a love letter that melts that heart and endears the reader to you, easily and simply without even lifting a pen.

Perfect Love Letters gives you access to 25 world class love letter “templates”, each written masterfully by a professional writer that understands what makes a great love letter.

You simply need to choose which situation you need a love letter for, find the category, and then pick out your specific love letter template and fill in the blanks to personalize it.

It’s that easy to create a passionate, romantic, make you look like a true poet love letter!

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