Gemini Birthstone


  • What Is Gemini Birthstone? – Gemini Birthstone is Alexandrite, Pearls, Moonstone
  • What is Gemini Birth flower name? Gemini Birth flower is Rose
  • Gemini Sign Dates: May 21 to June 20
  • What are the planets for Gemini Birthstone? – Gemini Birthstone planet is: Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus
  • Fixed stars associated with Gemini Birthstone: Umbilicus Andromedse 20° of Aries.
  • Gemini Birthstone Element: Air
  • Gemini Birthstone dreaming of: Faithful friends.
  • Gemini Birthstone motto or express a sentiment: Hope
  • Gemini Birthstone country: France
  • Alternative birthstones for Gemini: agate, alexandrite, amethyst, beryl, turquoise, hyacinth, pearl, emerald, flint, coral, jade, rhodonite, onyx, sapphire, selenite, carnelian, tiger’s eye, topaz, uvarovite, fluorite, chrysoprase, beryl, crystal, citrine, jasper.


Gemini. —The products of the forces of Gemini are defined by the term Culture; that is, refinement, friendship and elegance in expression.

In sympathy and symbolism the planet Mercury is most closely allied to. Gemini and intensifies both energies whenever combined. The longitude of this region is the third angle of 30 degrees (61° to 90°) along the ecliptic; and in time the 5th and 6th hour of R. A.


Gemini.—The forces of this sign chord with those of Aries, and the forces of one strengthen those of the other; and, as memory inter-relates ideas and connects them in series and categories, so the receptive and attractive forces of Gemini inter-relate friendly and social interests, inculcating reforms and congenial desires.

Gemini responds directly to Libra, the region of Rulership, and gives kindness to that region’s forces, receiving in return energies of dignity and firmness. In less degree it responds to Leo, the region of religious energies; thus, Amity and kindness are in close accord with Hope and Love in their religious sense.

The color force of Gemini is an emerald green (the true primary, instead of blue); its effect is calming, it is the highest, but not the most powerful, of the formal energies.

The planet Mercury is in greatest sympathy with this sign. Its period of power is from May 21st to June 20th, the Sun in Gemini, the Earth in Sagittarius.


Gemini Birthstone Moonstone. Credits to Amelia @ Flickr

Gemini—Culture; Activity; Calming.

This nature has as its dominant characteristics the range of friendship, and of expression. It is the personality of intense kindness and benevolence, capable in elegant gesture and graceful activities as it responds to Libra and to Leo is often found in political life and in the halls of legislation.

This nature is often inclined toward the various literary and legal vocations, for it is strongly influenced by its chord Aries, or its response, Libra.

Perhaps no other nativity has as wide a range of choice and of activity as this (Gemini), and none are less specific in vocational desire.

This mentality is mentality of elegance of habit, just as Pisces is the mentality of elegance and taste in appointment.

This nature is generally fortunate in its marriage choice, and has little to ward against, unless badly influenced by mars or saturn. If feminine, this nature should mate with Aries, Libra or with Sagittarius —the latter its Solar polarity.

The regional influence of the Moon in Aries of the Gemini nature is a sympathetic one, for Aries is a chord of Gemini, as Letters chord with Culture [Merton]. The trend of this mentality is toward the love of culture, of learning, of poetical thought, literature and idealistic study. This gives, in the main, the addition of elegance of expression to the intense attractiveness of a powerful friendship.

Well endowed hereditarily, it gives political and legal endowments; activity in the realm of instruction, as well as taste in the formulation of ideas.

This mentality loves freedom, and grants it to others; it is often radical, shunning dogmatic forms, and desires independent thought as well as natural rules of action.

Women of this endowment are generally tender and attentive mothers, but not often strong and rugged in health, therefore should have the utmost consideration in every manner of right living.

This regional influence gives great ideality, delicacy of expression, love of science and of the reflective studies; gives ability to teach, to practice medicine, and to understand plant as well as animal life. The whole range of experimental arts are of reasonable accomplishment to this mentality.

There is an added regularity, a clearer sense of periodicity, more uniformity in effect than is usual to the Gemini nature.

To the above is often added a well governed, determined and brave will.

The Gemini mentality, with the Moon in Gemini, has invariably the last, of the old and early part of the new phase of the Moon with the Sun apparently in Gemini. Hence the Moon has here solar sympathy; the Moon between the Sun and Earth gives to Gemini but few conflicting energies and many harmonizing ones; these are the stimulated forces of intense friendship and kindness, with love for human kind and considerations that lead to generosity in opinion as well as philanthropy in matters of means and wealth.

The Moon in Gemini gives that nature a peculiar combination of good nature, wit and kindness, mixed with a dreamy, imaginative, sensuous love of art and beauty; there is inclination toward the occult in personal life and an interest in neurology.

When finely endowed parentally there is natural capacity to understand symbolism and synchronism and to perceive the harmonies of nature.

But this mentality needs resisting force, more defence, more solidity in regard to progressive methods, and the necessary volume of economy and executiveness. That is to say, in this age there seems but little provision for the financial success of the unaggressive.

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