Sagittarius Birthstone


  • What Is Sagittarius Birthstone? – Sagittarius Birthstone is Tanzanite and also Zircon & Turquoise
  • What is Sagittarius Birth flower name? Sagittarius Birth flower is Holly
  • Sagittarius Sign Dates: November 22d to December 21t
  • What are the planets for Sagittarius Birthstone? – Sagittarius Birthstone planet is: Mars & Jupiter
  • Fixed stars associated with Sagittarius Birthstone Diamond: The Pleiades 24° of Taurus
  • Sagittarius Birthstone Element: Fire
  • Sagittarius Birthstone dreaming of: Prosperity
  • Sagittarius Birthstone  motto or express a sentiment: Dearest
  • Sagittarius Birthstone country: Turkey
  • Alternative birthstones for Sagittarius: amethyst, beryl, turquoise, hyacinth, pomegranate, demantoid, emerald, blue quartz, flint, coral, Labrador, lapis lazuli, jade, sapphire, sardonyx, selenite, carnelian, Hawk eye, obsidian, peridot, onyx, tiger’s eye, topaz, chrysoprase, beryl, charoite, amber, jasper.


Sagittarius.—The region of Wealth. Its forces are those of subsistence; reserve; caution; public and personal defence.

The region trends toward preservation for purposes of utility and gain.

This region is the home of Mars, and its forces are in sympathy with the energy and symbolism of that fiery-tempered and aggressive planet.

The region of Sagittarius is the 30° of 241° to 270°, Heliocentric longitude; its R. A. the 17th and 18th hours.


Sagittarius.—The chord of Sagittarius is Libra; the relationship has been defined under that sign. The presence of Mars or Jupiter in Libra of the Sagittarius nature gives firmness and a very positive undercurrent to that (Sagittarius) nature’s self-esteem.

The first response of this sign is Aries in the formal regions, and by this is added a relatively powerful memory of those details that interest Sagittarius. The second response is Virgo, giving an impulse toward large family and patriotic-wealth desires.

The period of dominant power is from November 22d to December 20th. The color-sympathy is an intense red; the forces are executive and marked by energy, but conserving in tone, and trending toward defence.

Mars is in closest sympathy with this sign, and gives it martial force with aggression and caution-elements.


Sagittarius Birthstone. Credits to Christina Rutz @ Flickr

Sagittarius.—Wealth; Red; Conserving.

The mentality born under this sign is dominant in Defension. It generally has the desire, power and directiveness necessary to defend itself, to care for others, and to accumulate wealth.

This mentality is cautious, brave, courageous; its nature is to prepare for emergencies, both in personal matters and in those of interest to the public. It is conservative of wealth, just as Libra is of ideas, forms and laws.

In fact, this nature chords with Libra, and furnished the materials as well as the antagonism, necessary to all severe self-protection.

This mentality aims at the accumulation of wealth, and develops under favorable conditions into the commercial magnate—the financial monitor.

In this capacity often saving wealth for times of famine, and more often contributing to distress by shrewd manipulations of others’ rights.
Perhaps no other region of mentality contributes so much dynamic and direct force to both sides of human life—the successful side and the miserable side—as does this. It has great responsibilities.

This nature responds to Aries, and is awake to the history of the past and the habits of the present; it is alert to every advantage and aroused by every change of human effort.

Sagittarius is in response to Virgo, and is therefore inclined to provide for all future emergencies and requirements of its descendants «Unto the third and fourth generation». This mentality usually finds a mate in Virgo, or in its solar polarity,Gemini. Occasionally it mates with a Libra or an Aquarius nativity.

The impulsive, energetic, fiery nature of Sagittarius is made more eccentric and intellectual when endowed with the lunar forces in Aries. It has directive capacity as well as executive power. In many cases this nature makes much of little, but always reaches the climax of its capacity.

There is nothing slow or «logy» in the lunar Aries influence on Sagittarius; and the economic spirit is aroused to the fullest extent, with plenty of the reserve nature to make all plans and movements secret.

Occasionally there is in this endowment a trend toward morbid fear of failure, with a large amount of distrust in others, in financial directions.
It would be well to study ethics, spirituality, mental science and government; also to take up a natural science as a diverting element.

This influence leads the accumulative nature of Sagittarius into the field of scientific commercial pursuits, and gives an inclination toward structural and architectural trades or business.

There is, noticeably, an increase in the imaginative powers, with a keen perception of the trend of advancing values. This mentality will therefore often turn toward real-estate speculation, or investment; and, if only moderately educated, may take up the primary forms of natural sciences, as stock-raising, fruit-growing, landscape gardening, etc.

In general the judgment is synthetic and quick, not easily changed, often considered a stubborn disposition, and intense in its advocacy of the views taken.

The Sagittarius mentality is aroused in home matters, has a much stronger attachment for a local region of activity, and generally inclines to a solid and non-speculative business, when endowed with the Moon in this region.

The marriage faculties are stimulated, and there is an increased expression of sexality, parental tenderness, and the romantic side of married life.
It is well for this nature to calmly consider and calmly act upon all matters relating to sex-devotion; there is liability to hasty judgments, and to hasty temper displays, both of which may lead to misery and distrust.

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