Taurus Birthstone


  • What Is Taurus Birthstone? – Taurus Birthstone is Emerald
  • What is Taurus Birth flower name? Taurus Birth flower Lily Of The Valley
  • Taurus Sign Dates: April 20 to May 20
  • What are the planets for Taurus Birthstone? – Taurus Birthstone planet is: Venus, Saturn, Moon
  • Fixed stars associated with Taurus Birthstone Emerald: Spica Virginis 17° of Libra.
  • Taurus Birthstone Element: Earth
  • Taurus Birthstone dreaming of: Much to look forward to
  • Taurus Birthstone motto or express a sentiment: Hope
  • Taurus Birthstone country: Peru
  • Alternative birthstones for Taurus: agate, aventurine, amazonite, beryl, turquoise, bovine eyes, jet, emerald, rose quartz, cacholong, white coral, flint, lapis lazuli, malachite, jade, onyx, rhodonite, ruby, sapphire, selenite, carnelian, tiger’s eye, topaz, chrysoprase, zircon, blue calcite, jasper.


Taurus.—Following the region of Aries is that of Taurus, the region of Reflection,the products of which are the Sciences. This sign has the second angle of thirty degrees along the ecliptic, and includes the 3d and 4th hour of R. A. This is the most profound of all the regional influences its ; forces are the most directive and advancing of all the formal energies.

The Taurus region is the region of inspiration, reason, measurement and exactness. In planetary sympathy, Taurus has no direct respondent. Its energies are centralizing and recipient from the true Solar pole, one of the Pleiades, and by response the energy of Venus.


Taurus.—The chord of Taurus is Pisces, as noted under that sign. Taurus elaborates the accumulated evidences, facts and impressions gathered by Pisces and those recorded by Aries, into systems, methods, rules of action, and practical results, which we call science and construction.

The first response is Scorpio in the dynamic regions, and there is great sympathy between the industry, integrity and love of liberty of that region, and the forces of Taurus. The second response of Taurus is Cancer, the region of Sexality and organic reproduction.

In color, Taurus forces are azure, slightly green; its forces are inter-relating and reflecting, tertiary in their blending.

The period of dominant power is from April 20th to May 20th, the Sun apparently in Taurus, the Earth in Scorpio


Taurus Birthstone. Credits to This Is Bossi @ Flickr

Taurus (the Bull), April 20th—May 20th.—Science; Azure ; Intertwining.

This nature is full of inspiration, of keen foresight, and, if endowed with Jupiter in Leo, with great spirituality. But these qualities are often lost sight of in the deep trend of such a nature toward science and investigation. Sun in Taurus nativities are noted for their exactness and their persistence in a mental struggle. But this nature often needs assistance. It is seldom capable of great financial plans, and, as it responds most easily to Scorpio, is almost always more generous with its mental and physical labors than it is able in demanding remuneration for its accomplishments.

A great range of natural sciences are within the sphere of this nature’s activity, the choice depending much upon the endowment of the parental heredity and upon the planetary polarities.

It should cultivate aggressiveness and self-defence. Responding to Cancer also, it depends much for happiness upon affection from one of the opposite sex.

This nativity should marry one born in the regions of its Solar polarity, Scorpio, or of its chord, Pisces.

This personality should exercise the greatest calmness and reserve in making choice of mate and time of marriage.

The Moon in Aries of the Taurus nature gives a very intense, vivid and energetic element to the cautious, scientific Taurus mentality. It adds descriptive power, and gives delicacy to the intuitions of the Taurus nature.

Acting as a stimulant to the constructive and imaginative elements, often creates power in inventiveness, great ideality and capacity to demonstrate ideas, which usually have had a careful consideration before acceptance.

This nature, having invariably the new Moon and the Sun in Taurus, is a most powerful combination of constructive energies and imaginative power; inventive in not only the mechanical, but in the philosophical range of mental conceptions. It seeks to most fully comprehend physics and philosophy, to join these by intuition and imagination; with all a very wide and sincere emotiveness. This gives to Taurus an unusual element of intense sympathy.

In fact, this combination gives to Taurus nativities much of the mentality of Aries with Jupiter and Mercury influences.

The Moon in Taurus gives also great industry, dignity, positiveness, self-control, and, if the planetary influences are favorable, pride and egotism. This stimulant gives boldness in effort, great consecutiveness, and in many ways proves a powerful resisting capacity not only in mental, but in physical self-protection. The moon here finds a thoroughly sympathetic region of influence; its home in Pisces is a cord of Taurus; hence an artistic sensibility, and, thus, often the power to learn a number of trades or lines of artistic work.

There is taste for landscaping, seed gardening, floriculture and horticulture. The usefully beautiful and the plainly essential are about equally blended in this nature.

In personal manners it is generally dignified and somewhat formal until exceptionally well acquainted, when there is an omission of further extreme formality.

The Gemini nature has the forces of culture dominant, and the moon in this region stimulates, in a mild degree, those elements in the Taurus mentality; thus increasing the desire to illustrate and convey ideas, but, more than anything else, it adds friendliness and congeniality to the generally conservative mentality of Taurus.

The poetic element is increased, and the social instincts made more emotive and generous. In some respects this inclines Taurus toward natural science studies, but largely on account of the love of beauty and of comfort.

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