Virgo Birthstone


  • What Is Virgo BirthstonVirgo Birthstonee? – Virgo Birthstone is Sapphire
  • What is Virgo Birth flower name? Virgo Birth flower is Aster
  • Virgo Sign Dates: August 23d to September 21st
  • What are the planets for Virgo Birthstone? – Virgo Birthstone planet is: Venus, Uranus & Mercury
  • Fixed stars associated with Virgo Birthstone: The Goat15° of Gemini
  • Virgo Birthstone Element: Earth
  • Virgo Birthstone dreaming of: Escape from danger
  • Virgo Birthstone  motto or express a sentiment: ZES – Greek, meaning «Mayest thou live».
  • Virgo Birthstone country: United States
  • Alternative birthstones for Virgo: agate, Diamond (Black Diamond), beryl, turquoise, garnet, emerald, flint, coral, cat’s eye, labradorite, jade, onyx, opal, rhodonite, selenite, carnelian, tiger’s eye, the beryl, chrysoprase, crystal, citrine, jasper.


Virgo is the home of Uranus, with which sign that planet most perfectly sympathizes and accords.

The longitude of this region is from 151° to 180°; the nth and 12th hours of R. A. Like Cancer and Leo, Virgo is in the Static zone.


Virgo.—The chord of Virgo is Leo, and the description of its influences can be found under that sign.

The responses of Virgo are Aries in the formal, and Sagittarius in the dynamic regions.

The energies of Virgo retain in a group the elements of the family and the tribe: its response, Aries, retains in groups and classes the order and memory associations of ideas and words while Sagittarius makes effort to retain in mass the products of skill, energy and defence or aggression. As the energies of Virgo conserve the elements of «kith and kin», so its responses conserve those of knowledge and of wealth.

The color energy of Virgo is the tertiary amber; and the general effect of its forces are supporting. The planet Uranus is in greatest sympathy; and the Virgo period of power is from August 23d to September 21st; the Sun in Virgo, the Earth in Pisces.


Virgo Birthstone. Credits to
Tim Evanson @ Flickr

Virgo.—Familism; Amber; Supporting.

The dominant elements in this mentality are security and permanence. Trending, in this, widely to the perpetuation of the race, the wise control of its useful elements and the persistence of power. How much these comprise the aspirations of this nature can be seen by noting the responses it makes, first to Aries, the busy, active, intense and widely gainful region of the Intellect; and, second, to Sagittarius, the aggressive, defensive and fiery region of the Will. Toward both of these Virgo responds in activity, sometimes becoming almost dominant in either one or the other, but never relaxing its own fundamental field—the family, tribal and national life.

This nature often develops into the publicist, politician, often into the shrewdest business nature and when it succeeds in uniting the activities of its responses with its chord Leo it gains great force and power to conserve the energy of others to its advantage.

Truly the combination of security, harmony and defence is a powerful one. It often unites in mating with Pisces, and joins the practical with the elegant.

The Moon in Aries of the Virgo nativity gives mental power, intellectuality, order, system and regularity to the efforts of that mentality. The whole nature is thus governed, and inclined to think that no action goes well unless by measured method.

But there is a lively sense of mirth, a native good-humor and wit in constant play; while all fault-finding is of a sarcastic, corrective kind, without anger.

The Moon and the Sun are on nearly opposite sides of the Earth, and the play of forces between them gives light to the night of this soul, a genial, spiritual, harmonic nature.

The influence of the Moon in Taurus adds to the Virgo mentality a complex mixture of a decided liking for the natural sciences and wide poetic interest. It gives delicacy to the intuitive part of Re- flection, and adds some foresight. But in the main there is an undercurrent of natural home love and practical desire that makes this nativity more dominant than it seems—giving business force and willfulness.

The executive side of this life is usually marked by efforts toward a plainly apparent plan and effect in useful action.

Gemini, the region of culture, of elegance, of expression. The Moon here adds both practical life and a volume of delightful manner. We expect of this mentality that it shall be very kindly, good-natured, apt at portrayal of views, and well fitted for those vocations where an abundance of hospitality, friendship and enthusiasm is required.

There is an added element of fastidiousness, carefulness of appearances, calm self-control and grace that is always attractive.

The Moon and the Sun are, here, in quite close angles from the Earth, the Moon in the region of marriage, the Sun in that of familism. Thus there is an intensifying of affectional forces to the extreme.

The result is augmented sensitiveness in affection, almost to the point of jealousy and want of confidence. To offset this there is a constant attachment to all that is loving in home life, and a desire for harmony, for exclusiveness in expression, all vieing with tenderness and sweet temper.

In business life the economic trend of Virgo is increased, and there is a decided disposition to live for family and home alone, to avoid outward pleasures, and to seek the production of family group pleasures and ease.

It is advisable to cultivate a widened view of social and civil life, to aim to create a humanitarian realm of influence, thus to see in the possible harmonic whole the future good of the single chord of paternalism.

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